On Codelist

Codes that are on the AidType codelist.

C01 Project-type interventions 677
H01 Development awareness 88
G01 Administrative costs not included elsewhere 122
B03 Contributions to specific-purpose programmes and funds managed by implementing partners 145
A01 General budget support 72
B01 Core support to NGOs, other private bodies, PPPs and research institutes 107
D01 Donor country personnel 32
D02 Other technical assistance 71
A02 Sector budget support 56
E01 Scholarships/training in donor country 27
B032 Contributions to multi-donor/single-entity funding mechanisms 12
B033 Contributions to single-donor funding mechanisms and contributions earmarked for a specific funding window or geographical location 11
B021 Core contributions to multilateral institutions 9
B022 Core contributions to global funds 8
B031 Contributions to multi-donor/multi-entity funding mechanisms 11
H02 Refugees/asylum seekers in donor countries 15
B04 Basket funds/pooled funding 29
B02 Core contributions to multilateral institutions and global funds 35
E02 Imputed student costs 3
F01 Debt relief 11
H04 Asylum-seekers ultimately rejected 1
H03 Asylum-seekers ultimately accepted 1
H06 Refugees and asylum seekers in other provider countries 4
H05 Recognised refugees 2

Not On Codelist

Codes that are not on the AidType codelist.

D04 2
C02 2
C03 2
C04 2
C05 2
C06 2
C07 2
CO1 1