On Codelist

Codes that are on the DocumentCategory codelist.

A08 Results, outcomes and outputs 433
B11 Sector strategy 5
A02 Objectives / Purpose of activity 367
A05 Budget 191
B01 Annual report 314
B17 Country/Region web page 7
B16 Organisation web page 46
B18 Sector web page 14
A07 Review of project performance and evaluation 175
A03 Intended ultimate beneficiaries 106
A04 Conditions 104
A12 Activity web page 224
A06 Summary information about contract 67
A01 Pre- and post-project impact appraisal 96
A11 Contract 54
A10 Tender 39
A09 Memorandum of understanding (If agreed by all parties) 41
B14 Evaluations policy 7
B08 Exclusions Policy 16
B10 Country Evaluation Report 15
B03 Country strategy paper 18
B02 Institutional Strategy paper 34
B09 Institutional Evaluation Report 23
B12 Thematic strategy 23
B15 General Terms and Conditions 15
B07 Country Audit Report 9
B06 Institutional Audit Report 33
B05 Procurement Policy and Procedure 7
B13 Country-level Memorandum of Understanding 3
B04 Aid Allocation Policy 4

Not On Codelist

Codes that are not on the DocumentCategory codelist.

All 1