On Codelist

Codes that are on the AidType codelist.

B03 Contributions to specific-purpose programmes and funds managed by implementing partners 126
C01 Project-type interventions 247
B01 Core support to NGOs, other private bodies, PPPs and research institutes 72
A01 General budget support 52
A02 Sector budget support 12
E01 Scholarships/training in donor country 4
B032 Contributions to multi-donor/single-entity funding mechanisms 2
D02 Other technical assistance 16
B033 Contributions to single-donor funding mechanisms and contributions earmarked for a specific funding window or geographical location 2
B021 Core contributions to multilateral institutions 2
H01 Development awareness 5
G01 Administrative costs not included elsewhere 10
D01 Donor country personnel 9
B022 Core contributions to global funds 2
B031 Contributions to multi-donor/multi-entity funding mechanisms 2
H02 Refugees/asylum seekers in donor countries 3
B04 Basket funds/pooled funding 5
B02 Core contributions to multilateral institutions and global funds 12
F01 Debt relief 2
E02 Imputed student costs 1
H06 Refugees and asylum seekers in other provider countries 1

Not On Codelist

Codes that are not on the AidType codelist.

C01 - Project-type interventions 1
A01 1
H06 1
C-01 1
D05 1