59 Files where XML is not well-formed


Count of files where the XML that is not well-formed, over time. Note: this is different from validation against the schema.

3 Files with non-standard roots


Count of files with non-standard root, over time. Note: Files with non-standard roots are those where the root XML element is not iati-activities or iati-organisation as we would expect.


Files where XML is not well-formed

Publisher Dataset
aflatoun aflatoun-apr2015
agroicone agroicone-br
agroicone agroicone-org
ccdnigeria ccdnigeria-1
cif cif-389
cif cif-889
cif cif-998
cif cif-cd
cif cif-ye
crehpa crehpa-1844
dkt dkt-001
edukans_foundation edukans_foundation-04
enabel enabel-all-activities
fiabel fiabel-progr2022
foundation_center foundation_center-open_ag
france france-centrale2
france france-cicid
france france-dpt2020
france france-lopdsi2014
france france-rapportbisannuelparlement
gecfundmanagerpwc gecfundmanagerpwc-spheir
gef gef-mx
gpe gpe-org
icrc icrc-2017
ifcwbg ifcwbg-sd
ifcwbg ifcwbg-si
ktn ktn-org
lithuania_mfa lithuania_mfa-2014_2016
lithuania_mfa lithuania_mfa-2017
mrc mrc-oda
odakorea odakorea-act30
odakorea odakorea-act45
odakorea odakorea-act47
odakorea odakorea-act49
opml opml-2015dec
pa pa-activity
pact pact-activity0518
pcf pcf-org2021
pib pib-program2022
prospero prospero-260
prospero prospero-263
prospero prospero-org
sfcg sfcg-be-bce_kbo-0453475391-abc123
solidaridad-europe solidaridad-europe-org
solidaridad solidaridad-org
solidaridad-ssea solidaridad-ssea-org
solidaridad-waf solidaridad-waf-org
sp sp-01
the_nature_conservancy the_nature_conservancy-orgfile
the_nature_conservancy the_nature_conservancy-website
transforma transforma-financialtemplatereportq0
transforma transforma-financialtemplatereportq1
transforma transforma-financialtemplatereportq2
ugorid ugorid-org-233
ugorid ugorid-org-233_waccbipseroprev_fcd0
unesco unesco-43104
unesco unesco-org
vera-solutions vera-solutions-act
wgnrr_iati wgnrr_iati-activitiesupdated

Files with non-standard roots

Publisher Dataset
cafod cafod-europegeneral
france france-centrale
ukgcc ukgcc-2023